Let’s get it started!

Finally! How long has it actually been? Three, four years always postponing and finding excuses to not writing. One of my main 2019 resolutions is to stop postponing every time and to stop making excuses. Ever since I moved to Rwanda, I wanted to share my experiences and write about the beautiful places and their […]

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« Amashyuza » Experience

It’s 9 in the morning, I just woke up and having a walk on the beach, taking advantage of the sun rays. My friends soon join me and we’re just laying on the sand, listening to the smooth sound of the waves. We talk a bit about the last weekend shenanigans and how successful the […]

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A morning with fishermen

It all started earlier this January when I received the wedding invitation from my friend Gabie. Small ceremony with close friends and relatives on the Kivu lakeside in Gisenyi… no need to say I was super excited and impatient, as the beach boy I’ve always been ever since my childhood. Friday afternoon rushed, work resumed, […]

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