A morning with fishermen

It all started earlier this January when I received the wedding invitation from my friend Gabie. Small ceremony with close friends and relatives on the Kivu lakeside in Gisenyi… no need to say I was super excited and impatient, as the beach boy I’ve always been ever since my childhood.

Friday afternoon rushed, work resumed, I grab my 48h bag then quickly pack my beige suit and few casual clothes and hop! I drop at the Nyabugogo bus park and get my bus ticket of the last departure scheduled at 7pm.

Three and a half hours and few naps later, I got to the guest house by the lakeside booked by my friends. But it’s only in the morning that I could really admire the magic scenery and the beautiful setting of the place.

The water is crystal clear, the weather is smooth and the sun is shyly coming out. I decide to step down the stairs and approach the two fishermen, Daniel and his friend. They are setting the net and about to start pulling it out. I ask if I can help. Daniel smiles and tells me I shouldn’t get fooled, it’s a tough job that requires a big amount of energy and strength. He lets me pull for about 5 minutes, and I almost collapsed at the end. He was right: it’s was like after 30 minutes of the body pump session with coach Joel from Soho Fitness haha.

After they gathered the two ropes of the net, the pull out the fish trap in the boat and start gathering the Isambaza, the local fish populating the lake Kivu. Some are bigger than others, so they are sold separately. A kilos goes to around 2000 rwf.

Apparently for the Sambaza there is no particular hour or period favorable for its fishing. “It’s all about how lucky you are that day” they said. At that time they had gathered around 4 kilos of sambaza. “It’s been a good day” Daniel said. Well it’s been a beautiful day for me as well!

This was so far the most exciting and meaningful experience. I love traveling, but I love more getting to know more about the customs and traditions of the localities I get the opportunity to visit. And the feeling is awesome!

Finally we had a tour in the nearby islands with the help of Kazungu, paddling around and listening to the rhythmic music of our guide Peter.


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