« Amashyuza » Experience

It’s 9 in the morning, I just woke up and having a walk on the beach, taking advantage of the sun rays.

My friends soon join me and we’re just laying on the sand, listening to the smooth sound of the waves. We talk a bit about the last weekend shenanigans and how successful the wedding party was. Then our sight got caught on the far right side of the lake, where we saw a group of people seemingly bathing. Someone says it’s “Amashyuza” , a hot thermal source. Some of my friends tried it the day before and the loved it. So we decide to check it out.

The location is about a hundred meters away of our guest house. We are welcomed by Jean-Bosco, the young manager of the spa. He provides a quick visit and a description of the place and their services. It’s an open space spa with a big traditional jacuzzi pool collecting and blocking the hot water from the volcanoes sources with sackcloths of sand. On the upper side of the place is a setting of changing rooms, massage rooms and a restaurant, all made of bambou canes. On the other side is a mud space where you can get a mud massage, before getting to the lake.

I choose the whole body massage in the jacuzzi. Jean-Bosco appoints Patrick as my masseur. The water is about 80 Celsius. My friend choose a feet massage but she is having a hard time putting her feet in the water, screaming it’s too hot. Patrick says the body gets used after few seconds only, so he had to endure the few burning seconds before enjoying the jacuzzi.

Follows a deep intense muscle massage, from the back to the legs, even on the neck level and temple nerves. The session includes a lot of stretchings and deep breathing, accompanied with splashes of the thermal hot water, all of that under the bright sun rays.

After an hour of the session, I feel like 5 years younger and fresher than ever. I love their professionalism and their whole concept, plus the unusual cool vibe of a massage session in a company of other clients of the place, some leaving in the locality and telling funny stories that everyone is laughing at, and others that traveled a long way for the amazing virtues of the thermal water and the relaxation.

I feel cleansed and renewed. Now I’m ready to go back to the daily hustle, fresher than ever.

Fashionably yours,

Juan E. Nsabiye

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